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Renewal of Vows

The beauty of vow renewals is that even though you’re been married or committed to each other for years, you’re acknowledging that you’ve chosen one another and you continue to choose one another.  Renewing your vows can be a wonderful expression of gratitude for the lives you’ve built together and to celebrate the deep and meaningful promises you’ve made thus far.  I would be honoured to celebrate your renewal of vows if you:

  • Wish to reaffirm your commitment to one another

  • Have an anniversary you want to celebrate

  • Want to reflect on your marriage and the memories you’ve made together

  • Just want to fall in love again

Love doesn’t make the world go ‘round.  Love is what makes the ride worthwhile.

– Franklin P. Jones


Starts at $350.00 and includes:

  • One consultation meeting where we discuss what you’re looking for in a “re-commitment” ceremony

  • Delivery of a custom 10 to 15-minute vow renewal ceremony at a location of your choosing

  • Access to various resources including vows, readings, etc.

  • Unlimited access to me to help guide you through the ceremony planning process

  • Deposit is $175.00 upon signing of our contract with the balance due two weeks prior to your ceremony

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